This Bulletin Series was inaugurated by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in 1912. The Series contains important original scholarly and applied work by the School’s faculty, graduate students, alumni, and distinguished collaborators, and covers a broad range of topics.

Bulletins 1-97 were published as bound print-only documents between 1912 and 1994. Starting with Bulletin 98 in 1995, the School began publishing volumes digitally and expanded them into a Publication Series that includes working papers, books, and reports as well as Bulletins.

To celebrate the centennial of publishing at the school, the long out-of-print Bulletins 1-97 were scanned to make them available as PDFs to a broader audience. A caution: the scanning process is not perfect, especially for print documents as old as some of these, so the readers’ indulgence is requested for some of the anomalies that remain despite our best efforts to clean them up.

Everything published from 1995-present is available on the School’s website ( for free download. Nothing in the Series requires copyright permission for reproduction when intended for personal or classroom use.

Bound copies of everything published in the Series from 1912 to the present are also available in the Yale University libraries and archives and can best be accessed by contacting the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies librarian.


Submissions from 1912


A Classification for Forestry Literature, Faculty of the Yale Forest School