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Asterisk* Journal of Art and Art History

Based in New Haven at Yale University, the Asterisk* Journal of Art and Art History is one of the few peer-reviewed, intercollegiate, art and art history journals at the undergraduate level.

Our mission is to provide an outlet for critical discourse around art for undergraduates, whether it be through practice or theory.

The journal’s name plays on the concept that we put an asterisk in traditional, art historical narratives to shed light on topics that are often left to the margins.

Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies

ISSN 2380-8845

The Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies (JCAS) is sponsored by the Yale University Library and New England Archivists (NEA), and is hosted by Yale University Library’s institutional repository, EliScholar. JCAS is currently accepting submissions of original works of research and inquiry from professionals and graduate students in library science, archival science, and public history.

Please see the Journal Overview for a full explanation of the journal’s aims and scope.

Journal of Financial Crises

The Journal of Financial Crises (JFC) is an online publication of the Yale Program on Financial Stability (YPFS) and it seeks to create, preserve, and disseminate knowledge about financial crises. We primarily serve as a vehicle for distributing the case studies and surveys of crisis interventions produced by the YPFS staff, but also encourage submissions from outside of Yale. For these submissions, we hope to be an outlet for descriptive and policy-relevant research that might not fit the template of a traditional academic journal. In particular, we aim to publish the useful research done in central banks and international agencies that deserves wider distribution. Submissions are reviewed by journal editors and YPFS staff —we will not ordinarily use external referees.

See About This Journal for a complete description of the journal.

The Yale Undergraduate Research Journal

Editors-in-Chief: Doyoung Jeong, Yale University
  Rachel Sterneck, Yale University
Editors: Kevin Chen, Yale University
  Lauren Chong, Yale University
  Katherine Chou, Yale University
  Arushi Dogra, Yale University
  Veronica Lee, Yale University
  Eric Liu, Yale University
  Daniel Ma, Yale University

The Yale Undergraduate Research Journal was established in the spring of 2020 and is the first reviewed publication to span the disciplinary breadth of research conducted by Yale students.

YURJ publishes recent work from the Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM fields online and in print.

Yale Journal of Music & Religion

ISSN 2377-231X

The Yale Journal of Music & Religion (YJMR) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing scholarship on sacred music in all its ritual, artistic, and cultural contexts across a range of methodologies.