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EliScholar is a digital platform for the scholarly output of researchers at Yale University. It promotes discovery and access of their work. EliScholar allows researchers and other interested readers anywhere in the world to learn about and keep up to date with Yale scholarship. Administered by the Yale Library, EliScholar contains materials selected by participating departments, schools, centers, and institutes at Yale. Users have access to materials in EliScholar free of charge. Some materials are restricted use by Yale community members only.

Yale researchers may also choose to create a "Researcher Profile" page for themselves. In addition to links to their articles, the author's "Researcher Profile" page may also include other information about the author, such as research interests, affiliations, etc. If you are a researcher at Yale (faculty, graduate student or staff), you can create a Researcher Profile for yourself. Email us with questions:

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If you have questions about using EliScholar, please consult the FAQ first. For problems, comments or suggestions, please contact .

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If you represent a Yale University research unit, center, department, or school and wish to feature your faculty or student scholarship here, please contact us at .

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