Research from 2022


Stationary and portable multipollutant monitors for high-spatiotemporal-resolution air quality studies including online calibration, Colby Buehler, Fulizi Xiong, Misti Levy Zamora, Kate M. Skog, Joseph Kohrman-Glaser, Stefan Colton, Michael McNamara, Kevin Ryan, Carrie Redlich, Matthew Bartos, Brandon Wong, Branko Berkez, Kirsten Koehler, and Drew R. Gentner

Research from 2020


Reducing Lead Exposure: A Qualitative Exploration of Service Providers’ Experiences Working with Families, Haley Case, Rebecca Schapiro, Debbie Humphries, and Marta Kostecki

Research from 2019


Time Under the Curve: Assessing the Impact of Regional Lead Treatment Center Home Visit on the Length of Exposure in Lead Poisoned Children, Diane Ma, Bethany Sanchez, Ayse Tuncel Bahar, Momoko Ishii, Marta Wilczynski, William Maher, and Debbie Humphries


Exploring Pharmaceutical Waste Prevention And Disposal Practices In Nurse Populations, Natasha Wasim

Research from 2018


Yale New Haven Hospital - Regional Lead Treatment Center, Cade McGovern, Natasha Wasim, Pooja Bollampally, Tammy Chen, Will Maher, Marta Wilczynski, Brianna Foley, Nicole Hood, and Debbie Humphries