The Yale Day of Data is a day-long event that brings researchers together from a variety of disciplines to discuss finding, analyzing, and managing data. The event draws from the experiences of researchers to explore common themes that link data-intensive research, like the challenges posed by the ever-increasing complexity of data, increasing expectations from funders, and heightened attention to data as a research product.

The 2018 Day of Data happened on November 30, 2018. Information will soon be posted here about Spring Discussion Series events.

The Yale Day of Data is free and open to the campus community. Registration is required.

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Day of Data 2018
The 2018 Day of Data was themed "Data on Earth."
Day of Data 2017
The 2017 Yale Day of Data focused on Data + Society.
Day of Data 2016
The 2016 Yale Day of Data focused on open data, open software, and reproducibility/replication.
Day of Data Sustainability Data Hack 2015
Day of Data 2015
Day of Data 2014
Day of Data 2013