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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Yale University School of Nursing

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Holly P. Kennedy


U.S. Veterans have sacrificed to serve the nation and deserve excellence in care. The Green House concept is a culture change model, with a goal to change not only the physical setting for residents, but to also create an environment to improve holistic outcomes. There are only three states in the Veterans Affairs (VA) Administration that have adopted the Green House model for the geriatric Veteran population: Illinois, Alabama, and Wisconsin. This paper presents a synthesis of recent studies on Green House model implementation. This synthesis was then compared with the experience of three state VA Medical Centers’ adoption of the model. In addition, VA Green House homes were assessed for their readiness to implement the change using a “Knowledge to Action framework.” Studies reviewed were compared with the three states and found the same varied model implementations. However, implementing the Green House model has been found to have more benefits and minimal negative consequences. Implications for health care policy include the need to educate, support, and fund other VA facilities to build Green House homes for Veteran long-term care residents. Funding and support are needed to conduct research to determine improved resident outcomes, quality of life, and financial viability of the Green House homes for the U.S. Veteran population.

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