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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Yale University School of Nursing

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Marjorie Funk



Purpose: To describe community-dwelling adults admitted to acute care with a present-on-admission (POA) pressure ulcer (PU). Specific aims: 1) Measure 1-year POA-PU prevalence, 2) Determine pre-hospital location of patients with POA-PU, 3) Describe demographics, PU characteristics, risk factors, and post-hospital outcome of community-dwelling adults admitted to hospital with a PU.

Design: Retrospective descriptive study.

Subjects and Setting: The sample included all adults, over age 18, admitted to an 800-bed urban academic medical center in New England over a 1-year period with a POA-PU.

Methods: Subjects were identified from a clinically validated PU registry. Data were extracted electronically from selected standardized electronic health record (EHR) fields.

Results: The prevalence of patients admitted to acute care with a POA-PU was 7.4%. For the majority (76.1%), the pre-hospital location was the community; the remainder came from a healthcare facility (23.9%). The community-dwelling subjects (N=1,022) had a mean age of 72.7 ± 15.4; 52.4% were male, 80.3% white, 30.9% lived alone, 99.2% were insured, and 30.6% college educated. They presented with a mean of 1.46 pressure ulcers, of which 37.5% were full thickness. Over half (51.5%) were discharged to a healthcare facility, 33% to home, and 14% died or received hospice care. The 30-day readmission rate was 15.5%.

Conclusion: Clinically-validated surveillance data show a higher prevalence of POA-PU than reported with administrative data. Electronically-extracted EHR data provides population health evidence of community PU occurrence that may be useful for risk stratification, prevention, and care coordination for integrated health systems.

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