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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Rosemarie Fisher, MD


Obesity remains a pressing health concern amongst the US population. Currently, behavior modification is the primary approach to weight management. However, this strategy is not always successful and many are relegated to medications or surgery to achieve weight loss. Research associating the gut microbiome with obesity has fostered interest in microbiome manipulation as a means for weight loss. One method of manipulation, fecal microbial transplant (FMT), has received particular attention. While early inquiry into FMT and weight loss has been unrevealing, heterogeneous methodologies and lack of long term trials limits the ability to draw conclusions. To investigate the potential adjunctive role of FMT in weight loss, we propose a randomized, double-blind clinical trial in which the traditional lifestyle interventions of diet and exercise are supplemented with lean-donor FMT. At 12 months, percent weight change from baseline will be assessed. If successful, FMT may present a novel approach to obesity treatment.

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