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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Vaagn Andikyan, MD


Patients undergoing major abdominal surgery endure immense physiologic stress, and those with lower functional capacity are found to have worse surgical outcomes. Perioperative enhanced recovery protocols have been implemented to buffer this stress response. However, the period between diagnosis and surgery is an underutilized opportunity for optimization of functional capacity and enhancement of recovery. In this study, we will assess the effect of a multimodal “prehabilitation” intervention including exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction methods on surgical recovery in women undergoing hysterectomies for malignant neoplasms. Using a prospective, randomized controlled trial, we will examine return to baseline physiologic function and postoperative complication rates in patients who participate in either prehabilitation combined with current enhanced recovery protocols, or enhanced recovery protocols alone. Insight into the impact of prehabilitation on postsurgical outcomes may justify the use of enhanced recovery protocols both during the perioperative period, and in the weeks leading up to surgery.

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