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This report includes by-laws of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut and Regulations of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut. The regulations include job descriptions for all those who work or volunteer at the hospital.

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Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Connecticut Training School for Nurses


504 patients treated in the past year. 31 surgical operations. Daily average number of patients 77. 149 soldiers received, 55 remain under treatment. Cost per patient per week is $5.65. The office of the Head Nurse was created and the department of nursing transferred to the newly created Connecticut Training School for Nurses, which began in October 1873. The new hospital buildings, the East and West Wards, were opened in October 1873. There is a description of the space. The two wings have capacity for 114 beds. The entire cost of the building and furniture is $92,233.99. A new laundry is needed as well as an isolation ward for patients who should not be mixed with the general population. Description of patients. The old sailor’s ward was refitted into a chapel through a donation by Mrs. James Hillhouse.

Forty-Seventh Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut