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Charles C. Chatford and Company


New Haven, CT


Civil War soldier patients, Industrial Revolution, W.W. Boardman, Esq.


378 patients under treatment last year. 31 surgeries. Some patients who wanted treatment needed to be turned away because of lack of room. Acute or helpless cases taking priority over chronic cases. Average daily number of patients was 51.

During the past year the hospital renovated its interior with paint and carpeting. Second boiler added for the heating. New roof for the cupola. $5.18 average cost per patient per week. July 1871 United States Government contract for marine patients renewed, $1 per day per patient. 6 soldiers being treated at the hospital for the past year with funds from the State. Description of patients provided, the largest growing group for the hospital are those who are destitute. Increase in the amount of accident victims admitted to the hospital due to street, train, or manufacturing accidents.

W.W. Boardman, Esq., President of the hospital for the last 7 years, died in August 1871.

Visitors Report: Statement that the hospital accommodations are not keeping up with the growth of the city. The amount of patient the hospital can accommodate comfortably is 35, but the hospital always has more than this. They have been forced to put 13 cots in an ill ventilated, low basement to accommodate the overflow. Manufacturing has increased the need for hospital care.

Forty-Fifth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut