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For the year 1996. Year ending September 30, 1996.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-1997


Harty Press, Inc.


New Haven, CT


Patients. Employees. YNHHS. Managed care enrollment. Medicare. Medicaid managed care. Hospital-wide Patient Focused Operational Redesign (PFOR). Quality Improvement Coordinating Council (QICC). Center for Outcome Research and Evaluation (CORE). Clinical pathways. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). New endoscopic coronary artery bypass graft surgical procedure. Cardiomyoplasty. ABIOMED. Pediatric cardiac catheterization laboratory. Stem cell transplantation. Primary Care Center (PCC). Women’s Center. Community Health. Hill neighborhood. HIV/AIDS services. Human Resources. Cultural diversity training. Bridgeport Hospital. Development: Helping Hands for Healing.


The title of this annual report is “The Record of Their Days and Deeds.” The report includes patient and employee stories and photographs related to the following topics: pacemaker implant, tonsil removal, CT scan, pulmonary care, cardiac unit, pediatric radiology, open-heart surgery, intensive care unit, kidney transplant, and toy closet. The year-end message contains detailed information on developments of the hospital during the year on pages 14-16. Two initiatives established this past year include the Quality Improvement Coordinating Council (QICC) and the Center for Outcome Research and Evaluation (CORE). In June, Bridgeport Hospital became part of the Yale New Haven Health affiliation.

Images: Yale School of Medicine Historical Library fireplace carving, employees, patients, Willie Bellamy, patient room, CT scan, Dr. James Appiah-Pippum, Scott Hines and patient, Leona Harberg and Dr. Lisa J. States, Dr. C. Everett Koop, Board of Trustees: Richard G. Bell, Marna P. Borgstrom, Elder Theodore L. Brooks, Dr. Gerard N. Burrow, Dr. Edwin C. Cadman, Joseph R. Crespo, Marcial Cuevas, Dr. Richard L. Edelson, Dr. Andrew J. Graham, Richard J. Grossi, Robert A. Haversat, Stephanie Jatlow, Eileen S. Kraus, John L. Lahey, Marvin K. Lender, Richard C. Levin, Linda Koch Lorimer, Julia M. McNamara, Walter H. Monteith, Jr., Joseph P. Mullinix, J. Richard Munro, The Honorable Flemming L. Norcott, Jr., Martha M. Shattuck, James A. Thomas, Mary Lou Winnick, and Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Medical Staff: Drs. Edwin C. Cadman, Frederick L. Sachs, Thomas J. Balcezak, Roberta L. Hines, Donald J. Cohen, John E. Schowalter, Donald W. Kohn, Harold Horton, Richard L. Edelson, Bruce L. McClennan, Morton G. Glickman, Ralph I. Horwitz, Frederick L. Sacks, Leonard R. Farber, Peter I. Jatlow, Edward L. Snyder, Frederick Naftolin, Lawrence J. Wartel, Peter Schwartz, Edward L. Snyder, Stephen G. Waxman, M. Bruce Shields, Jr., M. Bruce Shields, David E. Silverstone, Gary E. Friedlaender, J. Kevin Lynch, Jon Morrow, José Costa, Joseph H. Zelson, Norman J. Siegel, Benjamin J. Bunney, William H. Sledge, Ronald C. Merrell, Richard Stahl, James J. Fischer, and Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., Development: Andrew J. Graham, and Mary Lou Winnick.

The Record of Their Days and Deeds  1996 Yale-New Haven Annual Report