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For the year 1976. Year ending September 30, 1976.

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Regulation. Consumerism. Cost of health care. Commission on Hospitals and Health Care. Budget. Dr. Lawrence K. Pickett. Cafeteria. Neighborhood groups. Malpractice insurance. Parking. Route 34 extension. Parking garage. Dart Industries. Regionalization. Veterans Administration Hospital. Stroke and epilepsy patients. Connecticut Spina Bifida Association. Pediatric specialties. Community Relations Program in the Emergency Room. Spanish interpreter. Emergency Medical Technicians. Renal disease. Kidney dialysis. Patient Care Studies Department. Insurance claims. Patient Advocate Office. 32-million electron volt linear accelerator. Ambulatory Surgery. Shirley Frank Foundation. Primary Care Center. WIC Program. Rape counseling. Grace Educational Building. Charles B. Womer. Ismael R. Chavez. Telephone. Auxiliary. The United Way. Black Expo. Older Americans. Marie Manthey, Director of Nursing. Primary Nursing. Volunteer Recognition Ceremony. Quarter Century Club. Mutual Respect Committee. Extended sick leave benefits plan. Supervisory Training and Development Program. 150th anniversary. New Haven’s Bicentennial Parade. 1976 Annual Campaign.


The main concept behind this annual report are the various regulations that the hospital needs to abide by and how they affect the work of the hospital. During the past year a lawsuit was brought against the Commission on Hospitals and Healthcare because they drastically slashed the hospital budgets. The Primary Care Center opened in November of 1975. The hospital celebrated its 150th anniversary on May 26, 1976.

Images include: 32-million electron volt linear accelerator, patient care, Chaplain Robert Eddy, pastoral care, nurse caring for premature infant, G. Harold Welch, Jr., aerials, Social worker Brenda Smith, Spina Bifida Clinic, Computer programmer and terminal in use in Patient Care Studies, Patient Advocates meeting includes Leatrice Malloy, Sue Tarrant, and Angela Thorpe. Dr. Arthur E. Baue, Dr. Leo J. Cooney, Marie Manthey, R.N., Dr. Robert R. Zappacosta, Charles B. Womer, Ismael R. Chavez, Focus, Community Associates panel presentation, 150th anniversary dinner, and New Haven’s Bicentennial Parade.

Annual Report 1976 Yale-New Haven Hospital