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For the year 1974. Year ending September 30, 1974.

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Federal government. State government. Health care system. Commission on Hospitals and Health Care. Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1974. Health care legislation. Regional Medical Programs legislation. Comprehensive Health Planning legislation. Medicare. Medicaid. Cost and quality of health care. Long-Ribicoff Bill. Utilization review. Medical audit. Standardization. Yale-New Haven Medical Center. Joint Committee with the Hospital of Saint Raphael. Technology. Emergency Medical Communications System. Emergency vehicle dispatch. Women, Infant, and Children. Alcoholic treatment. Detoxification treatment center. Patients’ Rights. Mutual Respect Committee. Employee Performance Review. Softball. Employee health insurance. Training Programs. Career training program. Disaster drill. Cardiac resuscitation team. Preparation for Childbirth. Clinical Research Center. Johnny Goes to the Hospital. Patient Support Line. Selective Care pediatric unit. Memorial Unit. Coronary Care Unit. Satellite pharmacy. Neurosurgical intensive care unit. ACTA Scanner. Primary Care Center. Deep Radiation Therapy. 32-million volt linear accelerator. Tax Reform Act of 1969. Development.


The title of this report is Government and Health Care. This report contains a discussion of the newly formed Commission on Hospital and Health Care and the increased involvement of the Federal government in the voluntary health care system. The discussion takes place between Dr. Robert W. Berliner, Dr. Fred Hyde, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Geoffrey Peterson, Dr. Lawrence K. Pickett, Rosemary Stevens, G. Harold Welch, Jr., and Charles B. Womer. Highlights from the year include the addition of a policy of Patients’ Rights and the establishment of a ten-town Emergency Medical Communication System. Cardiac resuscitation teams formed to assist in sudden emergencies in the Hospital. An Employee Performance Review plan is established and there is a list of improvements to employee benefits included. Renovations to the Memorial Unit include oxygen and suction outlets at each bed, air-conditioning, new windows, ceilings to conform to fire codes, carpeting, safety, and bed modules. Ground was broken for a new Primary Care Center and the new 32-million volt linear accelerator.

Images include: Dr. Fred Hyde, Geoffrey Peterson, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, Dr. Lawrence K. Pickett, Rosemary Stevens, G. Harold Welch, Jr., Charles B. Womer, Dr. Robert W. Berliner, Volunteer Services, Auxiliary, Employees, Training programs, Primary Care, and construction.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1974