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For the year 1990. Year ending September 30, 1990.

This annual report starts with six patient stories from around the country and world. The 1990 year-end message is on pages 14-16. Comparative Statistics follow which include a Balance Sheet and Summary Statement of Operating Revenues and Expenses. The report includes lists of members of the Board of Trustees, Management & Auxiliary, Medical Staff, Development Committee, and Donors.

Publication Date

Spring 4-1-1991


Harty Press, Inc.


New Haven, CT


Patient stories. Hypertension. Dialysis. Heart transplant. Peripartum cardiomyopathy. T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). Cancer. Photopheresis. Acute lymphocystic leukemia. Chemotherapy. Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation (PAVM). Diagnostic imaging. Reconstructive bladder surgery. Neo-bladder. Children’s Hospital proposal. Children’s Hospital groundbreaking. Grace Educational Building razed. Development. Nurse recruitment. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO). Computerized patient information system. Patient Satisfaction and quality of services. Emergency Services. Express Treatment Program. Concierge desk. magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI). adult cardiac catheterization laboratory. Renal lithotripsy program. Biliary lithotripsy program. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Organ transplantation program. First single lung transplant. First use of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). One Day Surgery Center. Psychiatric partial hospital program (PHP). AIDS. HIV. Community outreach. Public Health. Geriatric program. Shoreline-based hospital programs. 1988 Armenia earthquake humanitarian effort.


The 1990 annual report includes several patient stories regarding treatments with dialysis, heart transplant, photopheresis, chemotherapy, therapeutic radiology, and reconstructive bladder surgery. The proposal and planning phase of the 11-story Children’s Hospital as well as hospital renovations was completed in 1990. Ground was broken for the Children’s Hospital in September. The YNHH Development Office joined the Yale School of Medicine Development Office. YNHH has achieved positive financial performance for seven consecutive years. 300 Registered Nurses hired during the year. Emergency Services reorganized to improve operational efficiency and patient care. Second magnetic resonance imaging system (MRI) as well as a second adult cardiac catheterization laboratory added to help meet demands. See report for expansion of services. Two New England firsts happened at YNHH on March 2nd, first single lung transplant and first use of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). The hospital opened an expanded AIDS clinic to care for an increasing number of HIV-positive patients. Community health programs were expanded.

Images: Patients featured in stories, Regina Crilly, RN, Board of Trustees: Harris J. Ashton, Richard G. Bell, George W. Edwards, Jr., John E. Fenn, Dr. James J. Fischer, Norwick R. Goodspeed, Dr. Andrew J. Graham, Janet T. Hammond, Jeanne J. Hogan, Marvin K. Lender, Richard B. Lightfoot, F. Patrick McFadden, Jr., Jack E. McGregor, Julia M. McNamara, Walter H. Monteith, Jr., J. Richard Munro, Frank D. Rich, Jr., Dr. Leon E. Rosenberg, Richard F. Schneller, Dr. Carol T. Schreiber, Martha M. Shattuck, C. Thomas Smith, Carol N. Theodore, Frank M. Turner, Sheila W. Wellington, Mary Lou Winnick, and Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Medical Staff: Drs. Paul G. Barash, Robert I. Schrier, Donald J. Cohen, John E. Schowalter, Donald W. Kohn, Harold Horton, Richard L. Edelson, Robert I. White, Edwin C. Cadman, Frederick L. Sacks, Leonard R. Farber, Peter I. Jatlow, Joseph R. Bove, Stephen G. Waxman, Thomas N. Byrne, Frederick Naftolin, Lawrence J. Wartel, John C. Hobbins, Marvin L. Sears, David E. Silverstone, Gary E. Friedlaender, J. Kevin Lynch, Jon Morrow, Juan Rosai, Joseph B. Warshaw, Joseph H. Zelson, Norman J. Siegel, Benjamin J. Bunney, Selby C. Jacobs, William F. Collins, Jr., Robert K. Houlihan, C. Elton Cahow, Andrew J. Graham, James J. Fischer, and Alan C. Sartorelli, Mary Lou Winnick, patients, and children’s drawings.

The Worlds of Yale-New Haven  Yale-New Haven Hospital 1990 Annual Report