Ralph C. Hawley

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In October, 1905, nineteen permanent sample plots were established in the white pine type near Keene, New Hampshire, by the United States Forest Service in cooperation with the Faulkner and Colony Manufacturing Company on lands owned by the latter.! The plots were remeasured in 1909 and again in 1915 by representatives of the United States Forest Service. After the 1915 measurement the plots were turned over to the Yale School of Forestry. In 1920 the plots were remeasured for the third time, three additional plots were established and six of the original plots were discontinued. A fourth remeasurement was made in 1925. Subsequent to the 1920 remeasurement a first Progress Report was published as Bulletin NO.7 of the Yale School of Forestry. The last remeasurement (192 5) of the pl()ts furnishes information covering an additional five-year period. Although twenty years have elapsed since their initiation, the experiments still are only partly completed. Little definite knowledge is available as to the results of thinnings in white pine. .For this reason the results and preliminary conclusions secured in the thinning experiments at Keene have been brought up to date and are presented for the information of foresters and landowners engaged in managing white pine lands.


original report: Frothingham, E. H. 1914. White Pine under Forest Management. USDA Bulletin 13.

first progress report: Hawley, R. C. 1922. Yale School of Forestry Bulletin 7.

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