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Part I - Since 1907 the Yale Forest School has conducted the field workand instruction of the Senior class in the spring term in coopera-tion with lumber companies located in the southern states. Thecompanies which have extended this cooperation are:
1907, Missouri Lumber and Mining Co., Grandin, Missouri.1908, Kaul Lumber Co., Hollins, Alabama.1909, Thompson Brothers Lumber Co., Doucette, Texas.1910, Louisiana Central Lumber Co., Clarks, Louisiana.1911, Thompson Brothers Lumber Co., Trinity, Texas.
191~, Crossett Lumber Co., Crossett, Arkansas.

Part II - The lack of close utilization of yellow pine timber is apparenton many operations in the South. In the following discussionsome of the more common wastes are considered and a methodsuggested whereby lumbermen may prolong the life of their opera-tions. The data were secured during the years 1907-1~ in ~Iis‐
souri, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. The need forthe exercise of more care in felling and log making was distinctlyshown in the discussion which followed the writer's presentation ofthis subject before the Southern Logging Association during itsannual meeting in September, 191~.

1913, Southern Lumber Co., Warren, Arkansas.


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