Journal Overview

The mission of the Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies is to further awareness of issues and developments in the work of professional archivists, curators, librarians and historians, and to serve as a locus for graduate students and professionals in library science, archival science, and public history to contribute original works of research and inquiry for peer-review and publication. JCAS publishes on an article-by-article basis.

JCAS will consider the following types of articles for publication:

  • Research articles: Original papers on a range of topics related to the theory and/or practice of archives that contribute new knowledge to the profession
  • Case studies: Reports on specific archival projects or practices with background information, analysis, and implications for a broader audience
  • Review essays: Critical evaluations of previously published literature or other resources related to the archival profession
  • Work-in-Progress articles: Reports on archival research undertaken or recent findings not yet completed but presented for further discussion
  • Conference reports: Reflective accounts of professional conferences attended

If you are interested in submitting to the journal or serving as a peer reviewer for journal content, please email us.