Summary Description

This report covers personal and community wellbeing in the Greater New Haven region through a measurement called the Community Index. The Community Index scores tell us about the resident’s perception of the quality of life in every Connecticut town. These scores are important to understand the experiences of residents in different communities. The index can also be used for towns and organizations to design policies and programs. Each section includes statistics and visuals to help readers understand the information in an engaging way.

The information used to create this index is collected through live interviews with adults across Connecticut. Each year thousands of people are randomly selected to be surveyed. These surveys have been taking place since 2012. Earlier versions of these reports are publicly available.

DataHaven is a Connecticut nonprofit that has been operating since 1992. They strive to make information more available and useful to communities across the state. They work with organizations and government agencies in Connecticut.

The report is 94 pages long and is available in English.

Category Tags

Economy, Labor, and Income; Education; Healthcare; Housing; Transportation

Additional Information

Please contact DataHaven for permission to reproduce any of the text, images, or graphics in this report. We strongly encourage requests from organizations that wish to use this information or conduct further analysis to benefit community action. Contact information is listed on the back of the report. Nothing in this report should be interpreted to represent the official views of any of the participating organizations.