Conservation, Greenspaces, and Urban Ecology



Research from 2016


Initiatives to Advance Clean Energy in the Low to Moderate Income Residential Market, Madeline Priest, John D’Agostino, and New Haven Green Fund

Research from 2015


Evaluating the Impact of Common Ground High School, Urban Farm, and Environmental Education Center on Student Health Behaviors and Outcomes, Cara Donovan, Joanne Fernandez, Shaylen Foley, Melody Kingsley, Morgan Pratte, Mengxin Christie Zhu, Joel Tolman, Sarah Ali, Debbie Humphries, and Jeannette Ickovics


Improving Human Health by Increasing Access to Natural Areas: Linking Research to Action at Scale, Bradford S. Gentry, Julia E. Anderson, David R. Krause, W. Colby Tucker, and Karen A. Tuddenham