Reconnecting the Union Station Neighborhood to Downtown New Haven: A Mixed-Use Affordable Housing Revitalization Strategy for the Union Station Neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut

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The thesis proposes revitalizing the Union Station neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut, through a mixed-use affordable housing project. This project aims to alleviate the housing crisis and support the local low-income community by developing residential units combined with retail spaces and public open areas. Additionally, it intends to enhance the area's connectivity and attractiveness, integrating it more effectively with downtown New Haven and boosting local business by leveraging the high traffic from Union Station.


The proposed project site is located in New Haven, Connecticut on the former Church Street South housing project parcels. The site is approximately 8.3 acres and sits between the residential “Hill” neighborhood and the heart of the downtown New Haven. It is the first space visitors see upon entering the city via Union Station, which is the 3rd busiest passenger station in the US. The goal of this project is to create a mixed-use affordable housing complex to help alleviate the current housing crisis in the city while revitalizing a key area via a combination of retail intervention, residential units, and public open space. Ultimately this project will support the often overlooked, low-income community while boosting retail business via attracting Union Station visitors. This proposal will show the needs of the existing built environment and feasibility of the project via preliminary site plans, market studies, current environmental impacts and conditions, cost, and preliminary rendering examples.

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Hill; Downtown; Dixwell

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Charles Kane

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