Submission Guidelines for Harvey M. Applebaum ’59 Award

Who Can Submit

The Harvey M. Applebaum ’59 Award is open to Yale College seniors. Essays may be submitted by seniors or their faculty advisors.


To be considered for the Harvey M. Applebaum ’59 Award, the paper must be a senior essay based in some part on research material within one or more of Yale University Library's government information collections: United States federal government, Canadian federal government, European Union, United Nations, and Food and Agriculture Organization.

Senior essayists will also need to submit a statement explaining their use of any of these collections in their essay. Statements may include phrases such as "the resource I used is central to my argument because...," "the variety of government documents used in my paper allowed me to...", and "this document best demonstrates the thinking of..."

If you have questions about these requirements, please contact Gwyneth Crowley, Librarian for Economics and US Government Information, Marx Science and Social Science Library.

How to Submit a Paper

Click on Submit Research to view the submission agreement and upload your essay.