Date of Award

January 2023

Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Public Health (MPH)


School of Public Health

First Advisor

Archana Shrestha

Second Advisor

Mayur Desai


This study aims to examine the link between parity and BMI in women in a suburban Nepali community, Dhulikhel. This study is a secondary data analysis of the Dhulikhel Heart Study (DHS). The study sample included women aged 18-59 years. BMI was based on measured height and weight. The result shows that prevalence of obesity is very high in women with high parity. Furthermore, the result of the ordinal logistic regression show that higher parity is associated with higher odds of being in a higher BMI category (overweight/obese). The odds were the highest in women who gave birth to 3 children, where the odds were 4.02 (95 CI: 1.85-8.91) times higher compared to women who did not give birth to any. Culturally situated beliefs and postpartum diet habits in Nepal may further explain this relationship.


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