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A school-based dental program was established at the Mary Hooker Elementary School under a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Administration was under the auspices of the University of Connecticut, Department of Pediatrics. The author participated in the organization of the program. Pertinent literature on evaluation of health care and dental care in particular are reviewed. An evaluation system for this program is developed, which can be extended to other dental care facilities.

As part of the system, the author recommends: that an evaluator be cognizant of the program objectives; that he determine which aspects to evaluate; that he examine the interrelationships between these aspects as well as examine them singly; that he select his methods of evaluation according to the characteristics of a specific program; and that he use more than one method whenever necessary. Three different ways of evaluation are suggested: measuring the extent to which a program fulfills its stated objectives; examining the change in particular components over time; and comparing certain aspects of a program to other programs. Suggestions and recommendations for further research are made.

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