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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Public Health (MPH)


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Megan V. Smith


Children and families across the United States are facing incredible obstacles as they navigate siloed systems, like healthcare and education, to achieve overall health. This program projection analyzes current local and national trends in pediatric mental and behavioral health services in order to make a recommendation for the state of Connecticut to achieve more supportive and holistic care for children, with behavioral health needs, and their families. The program projected here is: Connecticut Thrives. This program is intended to work with existing state structures to utilize Community Health Workers for the intended purpose of ensuring seamless healthcare. Taking a social determinants of health lens, the program operates in a sustainable function to promote overall wellbeing for children and families in the state. CT Thrives is committed to help sustainably ensure children and families across Connecticut receive adequate services to meet mental health needs with the understanding that there is a multilayer system at play. This objective is met by implementing barrier reduction to social services, with comprehensive care coordination and support for the entire family. In partnership with a proposed framework called the Health Enhancement Communities (HEC), CT Thrives will comprehensively and sustainably meet the needs of Connecticut families to create the conditions for thriving children. The program functions on 4 essential components: connections between schools, families and home, use of community health workers, an innovative funding stream, and operating on positive aspects of previous state programs.


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