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January 2014

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Public Health (MPH)


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There is a growing epidemic of HIV in young, racial and ethnic minority populations (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2008). PlayForward: Elm City Stories is an evidence-based, theory-driven videogame intervention developed by the Yale School of Medicine research group, play2PREVENT to impact HIV risk behaviors in urban racial and ethnic minority youth, ages 11-14 (play2PREVENT). The PlayForward: Elm City Stories intervention manual seeks to build on the videogame by adding an in-person group dimension to the individualized intervention. The manual provides a group-based interactive, in-person curriculum addressing decision-making and risk behaviors for HIV exposure among 11-14 year olds, and an implementation guide for the PlayForward: Elm City Stories videogame intervention. This manual is intended for youth program staff using the PlayForward: Elm City Stories videogame.


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