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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Public Health (MPH)


School of Public Health

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Marcella Nunez Smith


Objective: To characterize the lived experience of women in Trinidad and Tobago who have at least one family member with chronic alcohol use.

Method: In-person, semi-structured qualitative interviews.

Results: 1) The cultural context in which women with alcohol dependent relatives live shapes their understanding of their roles; 2) a tension emerged between the participants’ idealized role in their family and the reality; 3) participants employed a range of coping mechanisms to deal with their alcohol dependent relative; and 4) the experiences of the participants can be better understood in the larger context of systems of support and enablement in Trinidad and Tobago.

Conclusion: The Caribbean region presents a unique opportunity to study how women’s familial relationships are altered as a result of alcohol misuse. Understanding the complex experiences of women in Trinidad and Tobago with alcohol dependent family members may help to inform the development of family-level interventions and alcohol policies in the region.

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