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In 2010, new regulations associated with the Affordable Care Act mandated hospitals to demonstrate their involvement in community benefits programs to keep their tax-exempt status. This included implementation of a community needs assessment, a community health improvement plan (CHIP), and an evaluation of the implemented plan demonstrating efforts to meet the goals of the CHIP. The Healthier Greater New Haven Partnership is a coalition of more than sixty individuals and organizations working collaboratively within the Greater New Haven area to improve the health and quality of life in the community. The Partnership’s current CHIP is the result of a community health needs assessment conducted in 2015 and implemented in 2016. A CHIP outlines the priority health issues for a defined community, and how the issues will be addressed, including specific goals, strategies, measurable indicators (short and long-term), action steps and partners. The priority areas are Access to Care, Healthy Lifestyles and Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

Conducting program evaluation is critical in obtaining feedback from the partnership which builds trust and specifies how the Partnership can improve. The majority of partnership members surveyed agreed that the partnership is diverse and functioning effectively and more than 90% believed that partnership is serving as a catalyst for positive change related to the health and well-being in the Greater New Haven area. There were areas identified for improvement, which will be implemented in the future as circumstances allow. The Data Dashboard is a necessary step in tracking the progress of the CHIP in the short- and long-term.

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Community Health and Preventive Medicine

Yale New Haven Health Partnership Evaluation Pilot: Yale New Haven Hospital and Healthier Greater New Haven Partnership