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In 2004, CitySeed Inc. was formed to oversee and operate farmers’ markets (FMs) in New Haven. Since then, they have grown through a series of programs and incentives aimed at increasing availability of fresh fruits and vegetables (F&V) to all residents of New Haven. CitySeed has implemented the SNAP Double Value incentive program, which allows SNAP recipients to double the value of their purchases (i.e. $1 buys $2 worth of F&V) at FMs for up to $20. CitySeed has also implemented a SNAP customer Loyalty Program, Farmers Market Nutrition Coupon redemption, and F&V prescription program. With information from CitySeed and past studies in major cities that employed similar double-value programs, the authors focused on three primary objectives: Evaluate availability and accessibility of healthy food choices for low-income residents in New Haven, assess perspectives on barriers to CitySeed’s farmers’ markets among low-income community members, and recommend steps for CitySeed to tailor markets and programming to community needs and interests.

Publication Date

Spring 2018


public health, farmers markets, low-income residents, CitySeed, New Haven, Connecticut


Public Health

Assessing Low-Income Community Members' Views on Food Access and Farmers' Markets in New Haven