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Members of class: Katherine Brown Allen, Catherine Bastress, Lucy Grier Carrington, Virginia Case, Winifred Virginia Cushing, Mona Jerusha Cutler, Ovidia Theresie Evensen, Eleanor Talcott Fisher, Rosemary Forbes, Marion Stickney Goodrich, Elizabeth Robb Graham, Alberta Harriet Hays, Mary Luise Henry, Esther Mary Hirst, Josephine Shaner Hogan, Celeste Carver Holloway, Helen Johnson, Ruth Frances Kozak, Elizabeth Calhoun Logan, Mary Louise Maloy, Janet Warren Manley, Mary Annie Laurie Marshall, Eleanor Louise Morrill, Marjorie Morse, Helen Elizabeth Mosher, Harriet Lillian Northrop, Ruth Patterson Ogden, Elizabeth Josephine Penn, Annetta Pendergast Reed, Elizabeth Northwood Robb, Emma Lois Shaffer, Katherine Frances Simpson, Mary Ruth Snyder, Mary Agnes Sullivan, Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Cathrine Ann Thorn, Anna Alila Tuthill, Isabel Weber, Louise Frida Zellner

Transferred from the Yale University School of Nursing Special Collection

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Photograph, Yale University. School of Nursing. Class of 1937.