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Members of class: Pauline Band, Dorothy Genevieve Birney, Agnes Bailey Bowe, Mildred Grace Bushnell, Margaret Elizabeth Chalker, Elizabeth Rose Cohane, Abigail Starr Dewing, Ruth Louise Dingman, Hilda Drignat, Katherine Elizabeth Fleming, Jane Foster, Suzanne H. Harrison, Virginia Harte, Helen Henrietta Herman, Emma Jean Hill, Frances Hillman, Margaret Holmes, Viola Maud Hovey, Mary Edna Hutchinson, Thelma Far Laird, Anne Maclay Leffingwell, Hester A. McLean, Pauline Green Parker, Mary Catherine Payne, Raidie Poole, Mary Virginia Raymond, Elizabeth Mae Rice, Laura Carpenter Rounds, Aubigne Cushing Smith, Helen Mitchell Smith, Katherine Sprague, Eleanor Mary Stonington, Mildred Florence Twiss, Patricia Mary Walsh

Transferred from the Yale University School of Nursing Special Collection

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Photograph, Yale University. School of Nursing. Class of 1928.