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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Melissa Knauert, MD, PhD


Sleep deprivation is ubiquitous in hospital settings and deleterious to patients’ health. Specifically, sleep deprivation has been reported to play a role in multiorgan dysfunction, leads to poor critical illness outcomes, and can be considered a risk factor for delirium, a highly prevalent disease in intensive care units with even greater implications. To date, there are no evidence-based pharmacological interventions for sleep deprivation, and have even resulted in more adverse effects. However, non-pharmacological solutions have had limited efficacy, displaying a need for novel therapeutic options. In this randomized control trial, we will investigate and compare mean lengths of total sleep time between weighted blankets and standard of care in adults hospitalized in intensive care units. This non-pharmacological intervention for sleep deprivation may help enhance sleep and improve overall health outcomes.

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