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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Huned S. Patwa, MD


Phantom Limb Pain is perceived pain in a region of the body that has been removed through amputation. It is a devastating syndrome affecting up to 80% of all post-amputation patients, however, no reliable treatment option currently exists. Pregabalin is proven to be effective in the treatment of similar symptoms of a diabetic neuropathic origin. We propose a double-blinded, randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of pregabalin in patients who experience Phantom Limb Pain. We expect the pregabalin treatment to produce a statistically significant change in mean pain from baseline as well as an improvement in quality of life factors in individuals suffering from Phantom Limb Pain. If proven effective, pregabalin will provide a crucial treatment option for patients who experience Phantom Limb Pain.

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