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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

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Matthew M. Burg, PhD


Heart failure patients are burdened with a variety of pharmacologic and self-care interventions. Diuretic therapy and fluid restriction can cause thirst and dry mouth, which decrease quality of life and adherence to medical recommendations. Prior research has examined saliva stimulants and substitutes to treat thirst and dry mouth in other populations, but has not applied these therapies in heart failure. We propose that chewing gum will decrease thirst to a greater extent than artificial saliva in heart failure patients when compared to baseline. A randomized controlled crossover trial between chewing gum and artificial saliva will be conducted with each intervention lasting two weeks. As thirst is a distressing symptom caused by standard heart failure care and has gone essentially unaddressed, effective treatment of thirst in this population has the potential to increase quality of life and adherence to lifesaving pharmacologic and self-care interventions.

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