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Degree Name

Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

First Advisor

Stephanie Massaro, MD, MPH


In patients with advanced cancer, pain is one of the most common reported symptoms. This pain is frequently treated with supratherapeutic doses of opioids, often resulting in intolerable side effects with still inadequate pain relief. Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from cannabis plants and is a potential adjunct therapy for refractory pain in advanced cancer patients. In this study, we propose to determine whether cannabidiol oil as an adjuvant to opioids in cancer pain management will decrease pain, decrease opioid administration, and increase quality of life. To accomplish this, we will conduct a randomized clinical trial comparing cannabidiol oil with opioids to opioids alone in adolescent and young adult patients with advanced cancer-related pain. These results may ultimately lead to new treatment possibilities for cancer pain and increase quality of life among cancer patients.


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