Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2023

Document Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

First Advisor

Ariadna Forray, MD


Individuals with opioid use disorder report having less reproductive and sexual health knowledge and are at greater risk of unintended pregnancy than their peers. This has led to increased neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome and an increased healthcare burden, yet providing contraception and trauma informed care at treatment centers for individuals engaging in medication treatment has not been emphasized. Co-locating trauma informed reproductive and sexual health education and contraception access at substance use treatment centers provides a unique opportunity to improve knowledge and access to care for this population. We propose a randomized control trial to determine whether trauma informed care and co-located services will increase the proportion of individuals obtaining long-acting reversible contraceptive methods in comparison to standard of care. We are ultimately aiming to provide insight into if trauma informed sexual health education and increased contraception access can increase reproductive autonomy and decrease unintended pregnancies in this sensitive population.


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