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Spring 5-19-2023

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Medical Science (MMSc)


Status epilepticus is a time-sensitive neurological emergency that can be associated with severe disability and mortality. Approximately 20% of patients with status epilepticus will fail to respond to existing first and second-line therapies that act on similar receptors. There is a need for additional therapeutic options. One candidate drug, ketamine, has a novel mechanism of action and may work synergistically to terminate seizures. This study seeks to examine whether ketamine administration along with other second-line medications can reduce seizure burden in patients with status epilepticus. Using an open-label randomized clinical trial of 436 patients, we will examine the proportion of patients with decreased seizure burden at 60 minutes after administration when compared to existing, guideline-recommended, first-line therapy. This study seeks to determine whether this new therapeutic strategy for treatment of status epilepticus, via decreased seizure burden, may improve long-term outcomes in this population.

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