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For the year 1875, presented at the Annual Meeting, April 13, 1875.

Report contains a list of officers of the General Hospital Society of CT. Statistical information of patients treated at the hospital provided by Medical Board including diagnoses, operations and cause of death. Also included is the financial information, including free bed fund. In the Appendix, reports on donations and Board of Visitors

Publication Date



Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor


New Haven, CT


Medical report, Superintendent Captain George M. White, Steam heating, Morgue, Dispensary, Superintendent apartment, Temporary laundry, Surgical pavilion, Training School for Nurses, Board of Lady Visitors, Monthly reports, Soldier patients, Free bed fund


A considerable sum has been spent on improving and repairs in the Hospital including the: radiators for steam heat in the third story of the new wing, apartments for the Superintendent’s family, equipment in the morgue, and a temporary laundry room. The average cost for patients per week is $6.04. The United States Government and the Hospital contract was renewed, for the support and treatment for military personal was $.94 per day.

Forty-Eighth Annual Report of the Directors of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut