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For the year 1986. Year ending September 30, 1986.

Publication Date

Spring 9-30-1986


New Haven, CT


Malignant tumor. Mastectomy. Lumpectomy. Breast Cancer. Dr. Bernard S. Siegel. Dr. James J. Fischer. Outpatient Radiation Therapy. Primary breast radiation. 33-million-volt accelerator. Dr. Samuel Bobrow. Department of Therapeutic Radiology. Connie Mindell. Social work. Radiation Therapy Clinic. Comprehensive Cancer Center. Prospective payment legislation. All-Payors legislation. Medicare. Tertiary care facility. Acute care hospital. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). Individual Practice Association (IPA). Yale-New Haven Hospital Staff IPA., Inc. Yale-New Haven Trauma Service. Gaylord/Yale-New Haven Rehabilitation Center. Gaylord Hospital. World War II Veterans Memorial Hospital. Center for Pain Management. Dr. Josef Wang. Geriatric Assessment Clinic. Life Star. Magnetic Resonance Center. MRI. Burn patient. Defibrillator/cardioverter. Ventricular fibrillation. Tissue Plasminogen Activator. Rh factor. Blood transfusions. Patient/Customer Task Force. Volunteers. People Serving People.


The 1986 annual report is published within the Spring 1987 edition of the hospital publication Yale-New Haven Magazine titled, “From disease to health – finding new ways to care”. The table of contents for the magazine include:

The 1986 Annual Report, titled, “A Report to Our Communities,” begins on page 11. An All-Payors legislation was implemented in Connecticut on October 1, 1986. The Gaylord/Yale-New Haven Rehabilitation Center at Long Wharf opened last year as an outpatient rehabilitation facility. Affiliation agreement between YNHH and the World War II Veterans Memorial Hospital in Meriden was reached. The Center for Pain Management was established, the Geriatric Assessment Clinic expanded, Life Star helicopter services were started in cooperation with Hartford Hospital, and a Magnetic Resonance Center was opened. A new grafting technique was developed to treat burns and YNHH was the first hospital in Connecticut to implant a defibrillator/cardioverter within a patient. YNHH recorded its third year in a row of an operating surplus. The Patient/Customer Task Force was launched during the year as well as a video called, “People Serving People,” in which employees act out roles involving interactions between patients and staff.

Images: Sue Seigel and Gladys Sher, Dr. Bernard S. Siegel, Dr. James J. Fischer, Dr. Samuel Bobrow, Connie Mindell (social worker), Hospital exterior, F. Patrick McFadden, C. Thomas Smith, Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Dr. John E. Fenn, U.S. Capital Building, Gaylord/Yale-New Haven Rehabilitation Center Long-Wharf opening, Dr. Josef Wang and Dr. Jay Gewolb, Center for Pain Management, Life Star, Magnetic resonance imaging, Burn treatment, People Serving People, patient care, Clinic Building exterior, Dr. Donald Cohen, Dr. John Schowalter, Dr. Donald Kohn, Dr. Harold Horton, Dr. Richard Edelson, Dr. Anne Curtis, Dr. Robert Donaldson, Dr. Frederick Sachs, Dr. Leonard Farber, Peter Jatlow, Joseph Bove, Dr. Stephen Waxman, Dr. John Moench, Dr. Frederick Naftolin, Dr. Stanley Lavietes, Dr. Marvin Sears, Dr. Andrew Wong, Dr. Gary Friedlaender, Dr. Vincent Marchesi, Dr. Juan Rosai, Dr. Howard Pearson, Dr. Joseph Zelson, Dr. Norman Siegel, Dr. Gary Tischler, Dr. Selby Jacobs, Dr. William Collins, Jr., Dr. Robert Houlihan, Dr. C. Elton Cahow, Alan Schiff, Mary B. Arnstein, Susan Crosby, TGIF Hunter Courtyard, dialysis facility, Halloween, student nurses in class, Handel’s Messiah, Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang, Walter Camp football visitors, United Way, Visitor Information Desk, Mutual Respect Arts and Crafts fair, heart transplant patients, Santa Claus, patient/customer relations program, and cholesterol level check.

Yale-New Haven 1986 Annual Report Issue