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For the year 1980. Year ending September 30, 1980.

This is a special annual report focusing on the Newborn Special Care Unit during its 20th anniversary. The table of contents include: 20 years of Newborn Care, Reducing the Risk in the High-Risk Pregnancy, Information Instead of Odds, A Close Look at a Special Place, Reminiscences of Dr. Louis Gluck, Rh Factor: A Picture Story, and Newborn Social Work.

General statistical information for the 1980 Annual Report begins on page 33 with Comparative Statistics. The report also includes the Hospitals Family which includes lists of Board of Trustees, Community Associates, Medical Staff, Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center, Center for Human Genetics and Inherited Diseases, Medical Board, Administration, Administrative Departments, Nursing, and Donors.

Publication Date

Winter 9-30-1980


Newborn Special Care Unit. NBSCU. Dr. Louis Gluck. Rh Factor. social work. high-risk pregnancy. Ultrasound. high-tech.


There are many images related to the Newborn Special Care Unit in this report, they include: C. Thomas Smith, newborns and parents, premature infants, fetal-heart beat monitoring, nurses, Diana Lynch, ultrasound, ultrasonograph, Dr. Peter Grannum, Marlene Cruite, Connie Hanrahan, ventilator, respirators, cardiac monitor, heat lamps, Fran Jankowski, Dr. Larry Gottlieb, Dr. Mary Gregg, Betty Ditmeyer, Dr. Louis Gluck, Newborn Special Care Unit construction, Dr. Robert Romero, c-section, delivery, Dr. José Muñoz, Dr. Sharon Kurzner, and Joyce Robinson, perinatology social workers, Regina Furlong, Jacqueline L’Heureux, Ruth Breslin, Andrea Seigerman, Hilda Perez, Young Mothers Program, incubator, and ward.

Yale-New Haven Special Annual Report Issue (1980 - 1981)