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For the year 1978. Year ending September 30, 1978.

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Specialized services. South Pavilion. Building program. Construction. Nursing. Spinal Cord Injury Center. Newborn Special Care Unit. Maternity care. Fetoscopy. Dr. Franklin Wagner. Kidney Research. Kidney Transplant. Dr. Arthur Broadus. Kidney stone clinic. Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine. Radioisotopes. Dr. Barry L. Zaret. Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Jack Cole. Dosimetry. 32-million volt linear accelerator. Psoriasis. PUVA program.


Title of the report is A Hospital For You. This report focuses on six of the services provided by the hospital: Spinal Cord Injury Center, Special Care for Mothers and Newborns, Kidney Research and Transplant, Cardiovascular Nuclear Medicine, Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Psoriasis. The report contains many images related to these services. Planning begins on a new seven story facility to house emergency services, diagnostic radiology, surgical services, and patient floors. The building was originally known as the “new facility”, but eventually renamed the South Pavilion.

Images include: Aerial, employees, kitchen, doctors, patient care, Spinal Cord Injury Center, Drs. Franklin Wagner and William Collins, physical therapy, surgery, obstetrics, Newborn Special Care Unit, premature infant, Ingeborg Venus, Drs. John C. Hobbins and Maurice J. Mahoney, Elaine Coupal, fetoscopy, kidney transplant, Drs. Martin Schiff and Bernard Lytton, Dr. Arthur Broadus, Dr. Howard Rasmussen, Dr. Norman Siegel, Nuclear Medicine, cardiac stress test, Dorinda Manware, Dr. Dean Roller, Dr. Jack Cole, Derry Moritz, Dr. Elliot Livstone, Drs. Stephen Arlyan and Gary Friedlaender, Dr. Barbara Kinder, chemotherapy, Tish Knobf, Dr. Joseph Bertino, Psoriasis, Judith Burkholder, PUVA treatment, Rebecca Hawkins, Dr. Irwin M. Braverman.

Yale-New Haven Hospital (1978)