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For the Year 1973. Year ending September 30, 1973.

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James H. Gilbert, Community Health Care Center Plan, South Central Connecticut Comprehensive Health Planning, Radiology department, Diagnostic radiology, Therapeutic radiology Community relations, Epilepsy center, Pediatric outreach program, Home care program, Auxiliary, Grace New Haven School of Nursing, United Way, Employee benefits, Memorial Unit, Hunter building, Parking, Visitor pass system, Deep radiation therapy, Renovation.


There were 34,159 patients discharged during the fiscal year. The hospital had 883 adult/pediatric beds, 101 bassinets, 78 clinics, and approximately 3,223 employees. The annual report features a group of medical specialist discussed the future of health care delivery. The specialists included; Robert W. Berliner M.D. Dean of Yale University School of Medicine; Richard H Bowerman, YNHH Board of Directors; Lawrence S. Cohen, MD., YNHH Department of Medicine; Jack W. Coke, MD, YNHH Chief of Surgery, Isidore S Falk, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus. Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. Yale School of Medicine; James D. Kenney, MD, YNHH Department of Medicine, Marcus R. McCrave, President, Board of Directors, South Central Connecticut Comprehensive Planning Inc.; Lawrence K. Pickett MD., YNHH Chief of Staff and Charles B. Womer, YNHH Director. Grace New Haven School of Nursing will close in 1975. The Auxiliary has changed fiscal year to match the hospital fiscal year. The visitor pass system began in November, making it mandatory that all visitors were issued a pass. The construction projects have continued to the Memorial Unit, expansion of Clinical laboratories in Fitkin, and addition to Hunter in order to house the deep radiation therapy unit.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1973