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For the year 1972. Year ending September 30, 1972.

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Quality care. Quality control. Quality assurance. Patient care. Patient Care Studies Committee Program. Consumerism. Second opinions. Specialists. Utilization review committee. Medicare. Medicaid. Third party payers. Blue Cross. Length of stay. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. Board of Directors. Cost/benefits philosophy. Legal responsibilities. Charitable immunity. Medical staff appointments. Ambulatory care unit. Morning report. Medical education. House staff. Attending physician. Attending rounds. Specialty sections. Discharge planning and home care. Patient comment card. Patient Advocate Office: minority patients and non-English speakers. Medical record. Physician recertification. Grand Rounds. Patient Care Studies Department. Medical review. Memorial Unit. Coronary Care Unit. Selective Care Unit. Psychiatric service. Neuropsychiatric Evaluation Unit. Central kitchen. Central tray service. Clinical Laboratory Service. Auxiliary 20th year anniversary.


The title of this report is Evaluating Quality of Care. This report contains a discussion concerning the quality of care throughout the medical profession amongst John M. C. Betts, Board of Directors, Courtney C. Bishop, M.D., Chief of Staff, Eugene Fitzpatrick, M.D., Phyllis J. Pallet, Assistant Director, Patient Care Studies, Donald C. Riedel, Ph.D., Chairman, Patient Care Studies, Louis G. Welt, M.D., Chief of Medicine, and Charles B. Womer, YNHH Director. Some of this discussion stems from the Third Party Payer system and the accountability of the hospital to assure services are necessary and the length of stay appropriate. There are also sections in this report with updates on construction projects and highlights from the past year.

Images include: Patient care, surgery, x-ray, John M.C. Betts, Courtney C. Bishop, Eugene Fitzpatrick, Phyllis J. Pallet, Donald C. Riedel, Louis G. Welt, Charles B. Womer, construction, Auxiliary, Margaret Benton, R.N., Gerald Starr, Susan Shimelman, David L. Stockton, Joseph A. Zaccagnino, Louis G. Welt, United Way, highlights.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1972