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For the year 1970. Year ending September 30, 1970.

The report starts with a letter from Charles H. Costello, President of the Hospital Board. The majority of the report consists of a conversation amongst hospital leadership related to the role of a teaching hospital in the community. This report includes a list of Administrative Staff and Department Heads, Medical Staff, and Medical Board. Information on Comparative Statistics, Inpatient Statistics, and Clinic Visits. As well as reports for Comparative Statement of General Fund Income and Expenses, Comparative Balance Sheet, Liabilities, Capital, and Principal Funds, and Notes to Financial Statements. And a Form of Bequest.

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Teaching hospital. Medical Education. Ward. Patient care. Informed consent. Research. Intern. Resident. House Staff. Team approach. Physician shortage. Emergency Services. Community Hospital. Convenience Clinics. Hill Health Center. Penicillin. Dr. William H. Carmalt.


The report starts with a letter from Charles H. Costello, President of the Hospital Board, describing his four week stay at the hospital for a bacterial infection of his heart. This report contains a discussion of the role of the teaching hospital in the community by Mrs. Angus N. Gordon, Jr., a member of the Hospital Board of Directors, Dr. Fredrik C. Redlich, Dean of the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Courtney C. Bishop, Chief of Staff of the Hospital, Dr. C. Davenport Cook, Chief of Pediatrics, Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, surgeon, and Charles B. Womer, Director of the Hospital.

Images include: Aerial, Dr. Courtney C. Bishop, Dr. William Glenn with colleagues, Dr. Fredrik C. Redlich, physicians with patient, Charles B. Womer, Dr. C. Davenport Cook, Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, Mrs. Agnus N. Gordon, Jr., physicians, employees, highlights from the year, Donald F. Beste, Kenneth L. Grubbs, Frank M. Isbell, Paul P. Lally, Leonard A. Reilly.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1970