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For the Year 1969, presented at the Annual Meeting February 1970.

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Charles Costello, Fetal intensive care, Memorial Unit, Blood mobile drive, Quarter Century Club, Service awards, Centrex phone, Grace-New Haven Nursing School, Fitkin I, Clinic building, Tuition grant, Holiday pay, United fund goal, House staffing.


There were 32, 126 patients discharged during the fiscal year. The hospital has 762 beds, 101 basinets, and 75 clinics. During the fiscal year, there were several units that opened or expanded including; Fetal Intensive Care Unit, Surgical, ICU opened in the Clinic building, Fitkin 1 reopened. The board approved plans for the Memorial unit’s two additional floors containing 126 beds. The Quarter Century Club inducted 85 members of current and retired employees and 200 employees were given services awards for 5-20 years of employment. The largest house staff in the hospitals history including: 55 interns, 70 residents/assistant residents and 143 employees who remained on staff.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1969