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For the year 1965, presented at the Annual Meeting, September 30, 1965.

This report includes lists of Officers of the Yale-New Haven Hospital, Officers of the Hospital, Board of Directors, Executive Staff and a Report of the President, given by the Executive Director. Medical statistics include medical and surgical cases from September 30, 1964 through September 30, 1965, lists of operations, admissions, discharges, number of births, and causes of death. Financial statistics for the hospital and donations received reported. The report concludes with a listing of medical staff.

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Affiliation agreement, Medical Center, Health care bill, Hospital name change, Yale-New Haven Hospital, Staff by-laws, True magazine, Albert W. Snoke, Triage, Medicare, Connecticut Hospital Planning Commission Inc., Charles A. Dana, Parking garage, Free care.


There were 30,224 patients admitted to the hospital during the fiscal year. The hospital and the university renewed the affiliation agreement, on March 22, 1965. Under the new affiliation the hospital name was changed from Grace-New Haven to Yale-New Haven Hospital. New medical by-laws were being discussed as well as reorganization of department chiefs.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Annual Report 1964 - 1965