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For the year 1925, presented at the Annual Meeting, July 1925.

The report includes lists of Officers of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut, members of the Vice-Presidents for Life, Medical staff, Department reports, and Report of Directors, given by the Executive Committee. The report begins with Admission of Patient guidelines. Medical statistics include medical and surgical cases from July 1, 1924 through June 30, 1925, lists of operations, number of births and causes of death. General statistics related to admissions, nativity of patients, age, occupation, and town included. Financial statistics for the hospital and donations received reported. The report concludes with Financial statements.

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The Wilson H. Lee Company


New Haven, CT


Admission of patients, Doctors referral, Soldier Patients, Ambulances, Soldier hospital fund, William Wirt Winchester Memorial Hospital, Yale School of Nursing, Dispensary, Pediatrics, Free bed fund, tuberculous.


The average cost for patients was; $21.00 per week, a private room $56.00 to $98.00 per week and a semi-private room was $28.00 per week. In-town residents paid a discounted rate of $10.00 per week or $21.00 per week, if they were admitted to the Contagious Hospital. The Government lease on the William Wirt Winchester Memorial Hospital expired in June 1925. The dispensary was very successful and is in need of expansion. The Yale School of Nursing affiliation with the Connecticut Training School for Nurses, was very effective and improved the school’s education for students.

New Haven Hospital Report of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut Year Ending June 30 1925