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For the year 1922, presented at the Annual Meeting, July 1922.

For the year 1923, presented at the Annual Meeting, July 1923.

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The Wilson H. Lee Company


New Haven, CT


Admission of patients, Doctors referral, Free bed fund, Power plant, Ambulance, Soldier patients, Small pox, William Wirt Winchester Memorial Hospital, Dispensary, Women’s Auxiliary board, Social services department, Connecticut Training School for nurses.


In 1922-1923, the average cost for a patient was; $17.50 per week, private room $42.00 to $56.00 per week, semi-private $28.00 per week, and isolation room was $21.00 per week. In-town residents paid a discounted rate of $10.00 or $14.00, if they were admitted to the Contagious Hospital. The United States Army renewed the lease on the William Wirt Winchester Memorial Hospital. The Board of Lady Visitors was renamed the Women’s Auxiliary board. The Connecticut Training School for Nurses celebrated their 50th anniversary. Yale University was proposed to take over the nursing school program. Nursing students remain in the school for three years of study, offered post-graduate courses.

New Haven Hospital Reports of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut Nine Months Ending June 30 1922 Year Ending June 30 1923