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For the year 1919, presented at the Annual Meeting, October 1919.

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The Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor Company


New Haven, CT


Admission of patients, Doctors referral, Ambulance, Free bed fund, Hospital soldiers fund, Solider patients, Tuberculosis, United States Army Hospital Number 16, World War I, Yale mobile unit, William F. Verdi, William Wirt Winchester Hospital, Social services department, Spanish flu, Connecticut Training School for Nurses.


The average cost for a patients was; $14.00 per week, private room $40.00 or $45.00 per week and a semi-private $28.00 per week, In-town residents paid a discounted rate of $10.00 per week or $14.00 per week if they were admitted to the Contagious Hospital. The hospital celebrated the November 11, 1918 armistice of WWI. The Yale Mobile Unit served for 17 months commanded by Colonel Joseph Marshall Flint, among the dozens of hospital doctors who served Chief Surgeon William F. Verdi was one of them. The Connecticut Training School for Nurses reorganized the nursing program, and was able to accept more incoming students and an expansion of the student’s dormitory was needed. Nursing students remain in the school for three years of study.

New Haven Hospital Nintey-Second Annual Report of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut for the Year 1919