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Report for the year 1910, presented at the Annual Meeting, January 26, 1911.

This report includes images of the North East view of the New Haven Hospital and the Children’s Ward, guidelines for the Admission of patients, lists of Officers of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut for 1911, members of the Medical Board, Executive Officers of the Hospital, Board of Visitors, Members of the Society which includes past officers and their terms, and Obituaries. There is a list of Free Beds as well as a Form of Bequest. The report of the Directors is given by the Prudential Committee and includes, for the first time, Assets and Liabilities. The Report of the Medical Board includes a Medical Report of diseases treated, a Surgical Report, Operations, and an Obstetrical Report. Within the Superintendent’s Report there are general statistics related to finances including receipts and disbursements, and itemized expenditures such as food and supplies. There is Funds of the Society, the Treasurers’ Statement of Receipts and Expenditures, and a list of cash and other donations. General statistics include monthly admissions, gender, and town of origin of patient. An annual summary at the end gives statistical information related to patient volume dating back to 1833. The report concludes with the Report of the Board of Visitors, Report of the Board of Lady Visitors, and the Connecticut Training School for Nurses prospectus and application.

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The Tuttle, Morehouse, and Taylor Company


New Haven, CT


Ambulance, Lighting and Power Plant, Assets and Liabilities Report, Tuberculosis Fund, Isolation Building, Children’s Ward


2464 patients treated in the past year. Daily average number of patients 159.3. Cost per patient per week is $12.483. The ambulance responded to 675 calls during the year. A complete inventory was taken for the first time on January 1, 1910 which is accounted for in the Assets and Liabilities Report. There was a decrease in the length of stay of hospital patients which shows the hospital is treating more active cases and fewer chronic cases. A complete lighting and power plant was installed at the hospital, and the laundry was remodeled. The hospital received the balance of the gift to complete the Boardman Administration Building. An additional $300,000 was received from a donor for the Tuberculosis Fund making the total $600,000. In addition to these buildings, the hospital plans to build an Isolation Building paid for by the city and a Children’s Ward provided by the Fitch bequest. A psychopathic clinic is also needed, but not yet in the works. There are new food boxes in the diet kitchen that allows meals to stay warm on the way to the wards.

New Haven Hospital Eighty-Fourth Annual Report for the Year 1910